New and have SO MANY questions…Ill try to organize them

New and have SO MANY questions…Ill try to organize them

Submitted by samin1987 on August 8, 2015 – 2:00pm.


My husband and I have been on a health kick.  One thing he loves is homemade bread and I cant believe I found this forum, SO excited!  I have a million questions because Ill try my first starter tomorrow, please help me answer my questions as Ive been googling the past week and Im google’d out!


1.  Ive read a few places that sourdough bread (homemade) is very good for you, for multiple reasons, but does anyone have any resources that would be interesting to read on factual/scientific writing that explains this a bit better than google?

2.  We honestly dont eat bread THAT much (but love it, its our downfall)….so Im not sure if I want to keep a starter alive long term or not…..If I create a starter and bake bread with it after a week, using all of it and not leaving any to keep —-will the bread still be “sour”…we LOVE sourdough.. but Im afraid if I just use it as I want and dont keep one “alive” it wont really be that sour?…is there merit in this assumption Im making or?

3. IMPORTANT …my husband also loves the sweet whole wheat bread…Ive been trying to figure out if I can make a “starter” homemade with just whole wheat flour and water…instead of using commercial store bought yeast?…If I do that……..will it just be sourdough whole wheat =/ ?….I really want to use starters for other types of breads but Im just confused with google because the only thing that ends up popping up is “whole wheat sourdough starter”.  If we want this type of bread or…french bread….or etc…do we HAVE to use a commercial yeast so its not sour tasting?  And if there is a way to create a starter that wont make the bread “sourdough” then how…?  Or?

4. Ive read that whole wheat, white, and rye are the best for starters?..Is that right and also–will the bread made from these all be “sourdough” rye “sourdough” wheat….etc etc?

5.  Lastly, on keeping a starter alive.  As I mentioned we dont bake bread constantly…but definitely LOVE it…Im not sure if its worth keeping a starter alive for us but this will help me decide what to do —From what I understand I can keep a starter alive forever in the fridge….as long as I discard some and add in flour/water once a week…..Is that right—that I can basically keep it..for years…?  Again, it may be a waste for us now because its just us two but once we have kids I think I would love to keep a starter for a long time so I want to make sure Im understanding right…

6. I lied…last one…….pineapple juice? I keep hearing about this but not exactly sure what this does or benefits, can someone point me in the direction to answer this?  Is it necessary?  And also all Ive found is sweetened pineapple juice but Ive only looked at one store-unsweetened, most recipes I see are calling for this, should be in grocery correct?


Thank you, sorry so many questions