New baker from NY!

New baker from NY!

Hey everyone! I’ve been lurking on here, primarily viewing the blogs and bread browser, for a while now after I discovered the site on reddit (or maybe a book? I don’t remember). I started baking about a year ago, and have been doing so on-and-off since. Mostly Forkish recipes, although I’ve also read Hammelman, Reinhart, Berenbaum, and all the other usual suspects. I especially like Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast.

Most of the loaves I have made have followed the FWSY style and consisted of just those 4 ingredients. I like adding non-AP wheat flours like rye, barley, oats, spelt, etc because I’m a bit of a hippy and like whole grains when possible. I’ve recently become super enthusiastic about baking again and am currently making my first sourdough starter, which is on its 7th day and seems like it’s going OK. I’m following this:

That was probably a longer intro than necessary and I don’t inspect many to read this but hi all the same!

So does anyone have any good “baby’s first sourdough” recipes for when I decide to make my first sourdough? I’m going to let my starter develop for another week or so first so I guess my first sourdough bake will be next weekend. And at what point can I stop feeding my starter 2x/day?

Source: Fresh Loaf