New Fads and Trends in Weight Loss

Every week it seems, there is yet another diet pill or miracle ingredient or guaranteed product to help you loose a lot of weight quickly and easily. You won’t have to change any habits or increase your activity, just down this shake or wear this belt and pounds and inches will melt away in your sleep. Weight loss is a billion dollar industry in this culture because people want results without having to do any work toward their goals. They want to look better, feel better and have more energy right now. It is not going to happen for the masses. It may happen for a few people, but those results and success stories are not the norm.

New fads and trends have minimal short term results for some people and can actually be dangerous for others. You should never try any method of weight loss without consulting your doctor first, not matter what all those celebrities tell you. Websites will have you believe that this product or that pill will get you slim in n o time at all. Those success stories found on sites, such as, may be true to a certain degree but are not what the average person should expect. People spend a lot of money on methods that promise weight loss quickly. The truth about weight loss is that is takes hard work and a lot of continuous effort. Many people don’t want to hear that and many people will insist you can do it faster without any effort if you just buy their product.

The only trend in weight loss that has ever been proven to have long lasting results is changing poor eating habits and increasing meaningful movement. It is that simple and still so very hard for a culture that values beauty and slenderness above good health. It can be done safely and steadily with a realistic approach and commitment. You can change habits to sustain a healthy weight and life style. Check with your doctor and devise a plan based on healthy eating and exercise at least three times a week. Change will be slower than you might like but it will be steady and permanent if you work at it.