New oven thoughts? Avoid GE products

New oven thoughts? Avoid GE products

Submitted by alfanso on November 9, 2015 – 12:55pm.

Avoid GE products

I really don’t like using TFL as a kind of bully pulpit, but I am pretty darned frustrated with General Electric right now.  

Oct. 2014 I decided to replace my perfectly good range with a new range that came with a double oven.  I could provide a permanent home for my baking deck and lava rocks and leave the upper oven for most other oven things.

From the first month the oven lights blew out, first the upper and shortly thereafter the lower.  I had GE service repair come in and check.  Scroll forward one year – the lower deck oven light continues to blow out.  I’ve probably replaced it at least a half dozen times, most recently last Friday.  

The GE service repair person has made three visits.  Each time he plugs his laptop into the range to dutfully perform diagnostics and has never found a problem.  Just under one month ago he swapped out the oven lamp sockets for new sockets, and new bulbs.  No dice.  His next, and 4th, useless visit will be this coming Saturday.

GE states that their warranty (at least in the USA) will cover repairs only.  No matter who I speak with at their Customer Relations Center, they will not replace the unit, which is apparently a lemon.  I’ve had them extend the warranty one year more, but that doesn’t resolve anything.

They are “nice” enough to offer me a replacement range for a small discount, so in essence I would be paying pretty much double the price of my one year old range with no chance to replace it when that one goes south too.  No thanks.

So…unless you mother has her retirement invested in GE stock, my suggestion is this – 

Look for another appliance company for your next “durable goods” big ticket appliance.  Find one with a replacement warranty.  But avoid GE as though it has the measles.

If you have any other forums or website suggestions where I can make my statement “heard” please add a comment as to where.  Thanks,