Newbie soft rolls have a doughy aftertaste?

Newbie soft rolls have a doughy aftertaste?

i been using a bunch of different soft roll recipe and somehow some people say it got a doughy aftertaste as in when bitten into it and chew if become pieces of  wet flour??


i don’t get it ..I mix well ..let it 1st rise for 2-3 hour then divided it into small balls and let it 2nd rise for 40-1hour then shape it and put in the ingredients(sausage/tuna) and let it rise for another 1-2hour or double in size

bake it ..turn out big and puffy ..let it cool then eat soft and well airated ..but Some people say when eating and chewing they FEEL like eating wet lumps of flour..I dont get this part ..not all say that but some ..where did I go wrong?


the recipe i use is

bread flour 1.2kg

sugar 165gm

salt 15gm

butter 90gm

milk 650ml

yeast 18gm

egg 3 

how to repair that doughy mouth feeling?all other recipe I use also have this same problem according to some individuals .but is baked well proof well rise well airated well…how how..very confused 


Source: Fresh Loaf