No-knead sourdough; hot or cold oven?

No-knead sourdough; hot or cold oven?

I’ve been making no-knead bread for quite a while now, starting what that famous NY Times article/recipe from Sullivan St Bakery and moving on from there.

The one common element: putting the dough into an oven and heavy container that are both pre-heated.

I was thus puzzled by this:

“Place in a cool oven, set the control for 375oF, turn the oven on and bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Cool on a wire rack.”

What the heck?

I’m also puzzled by the amount of starter used: 1 cup fully active culture; when I’ve done no-knead sourdough, I’ve converted over the original n-k recipe that uses very little yeast by using 1/4 cup starter. For a 12 or so hour proof at room temp (or higher, if using a proofer box) isn’t that an awful lot of starter?

Source: Fresh Loaf