One Size Fits All Weight Loss Programs Give Way to More Effective Personalized Ones

With the world-wide weight loss industry now worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually, it is unsurprising that an incredible variety of programs and approaches compete for customers’ attention. Unfortunately, however, many of these quickly prove to be ineffective, although often not before siphoning money from participants while returning little in the way of weight loss. More and more people, then, are turning back to the fundamentals of weight loss and healthy living, seeking out the advice of educated dietitians and exercise experts instead of fly-by-night gurus. A new generation of Weight Loss Programs, then, is helping people learn how to control their waistlines in sustainable, healthful ways.

Virtually every credentialed weight loss expert agrees that any worthwhile weight loss program will involve both a properly designed diet and systematic training. Many of the weight loss approaches that most successfully grab the public’s attention before fading away, on the other hand, incorporate only one of these two pillars, often as part of an effort to assure prospective adherents that they represent an easier way of losing weight. Promises of this sort, however, are almost always made in vain, as the kind of healthy lifestyle that leads naturally to an appropriate weight for an individual requires both dietary discipline and regular physical activity, instead of merely an excess of one or the other.

Beyond being sure to base their weight loss efforts on these two important principles, many people benefit from personal attention from experts at weight loss. While there are a variety of pre-designed diets available online and elsewhere for those attempting to lose weight, having a professional dietitian suggest one can be a very worthwhile step, too. By taking into account such personal factors as existing weight, activity levels, food preferences, and allergies, a dietitian can often craft a diet that will be much more effective and easier to adhere to than a “one size fits all alternative” taken from the Internet. The same goes for physical training, too, as qualified personal trainers can quite often develop programs that are precisely suited to the needs and particular characteristics of their students who are interested in losing weight.