Overnight Country Blonde – today's near gong show bake

Overnight Country Blonde – today's near gong show bake

Well it was nearly a complete gong show, but fortunately the bread turned out nicely. I followed Ken Forkish’s directions to the T this time with a now healthy and very active levain. I baked this a couple of weeks ago with a pretty new levain and also put the bulk ferment in the fridge overnight. A re-read of the formula revealed no refrigeration of the bulk fermentation. After an overnight on the counter, I had a huge volume of 80% hydration dough — at least 3.5x grown in volume. 

After shaping I had my doubts the dough would fit into the banneton. My fears were confirmed.

Sometimes you need to read ALL of the instructions. At 80% hydration, this loaf stuck all around the top two canes that apparently were not well enough floured, overflowed the baking parchment and peel, stuck onto the counter and peel and barely fit into the DO. This was a half a OCB recipe. When I checked, Ken uses a 9″ banneton and mine is barely six inches. Oops!!! I need a bigger banneton, or cut the formula to 1/3 from 1/2.

Fortunately the bread tastes great. I really like this recipe and with a healthy levain, a great flavour and chew.

Happy baking folks. Everyone has their gong show baking moments . . .   Ski

Source: Fresh Loaf