Top Foods For Good Health – Super Foods For Great Health!

Good health is like a boon for people. People strive a lot just to maintain good health. Tops foods for good health assist in it as it is full of all the required mineral and vitamins. Health and fitness both are the essential part of healthy life. Healthy diet leads to healthy body and mind. There is a variety of tops foods for good health which can help you in gaining good health.

Now people have to do less hunt for getting their living as everything is available at a phone call. It has restricted the life of people and lessens the physical activities done by them which are required to keep fit body. More so, people have become habitual of eating spicy and variety of junk foods which are all very harmful for good health. This change in life style is the major factor responsible for increased health problems. However, becoming healthy and fit is not a big deal, for this you just need to take care for your diet. Foods such as whole gains bread, salads, and nutritive food provide not only energy as well as keep your body fit. Healthy food helps every part of your body in functioning normally.

Top healthy food that should be part of your daily diet are:

o Walnuts, almonds and nuts
o Fruits
o Brown rice and whole grains
o Avocado
o Beans and soy
o Vegetables
o Berries

Nutrients keep your body functioning properly without any disease. If you are taking proper nutrients throughout tops food for good health then it will automatically keep your body, mind, hormonal changes and metabolic working well. Tops food for good health saves your body from getting damaged due to any disease. Fruits and vegetables are the source of obtaining good health. Fruits are full of nutrition and minerals which keeps your body vivid. Instead of eating every time you should try to eat less but tops food for good health. Drink enough water especially during summer as it follows health problems like dehydration.

There are countless benefits of eating healthy as it helps you remain free from any health danger and also assist you in leading a happy life.

Source by Jim Andrews

Melting Method Cakes

Cake making by the melting method really is a piece of cake because it requires the minimum of effort. This method is specially designed to cope with the extra sweeteners needed to make soft and sticky traditional cakes such as gingerbread.

Melting-method cakes have a characteristic tacky, sticky texture through the cake, and it is this that has made cake like gingerbread so very popular and has given them such a high place in traditional baking. This stickiness is achieved by increasing the proportion of sweetening agents to ether ingredients in the cake.

To handle the extra volume of sweetener, a special method is used. With this method the fat is melted with the sweetener before the flour is added. Before cooking the cake mixture has a good texture and a consistency similar to a thick batter, rather than the soft topping consistency of cake mixtures made by the all-in-one or creaming methods.

Like all cakes, the amount and the choice of ingredients depend on the method you are using, the flavor and the texture you wish to achieve and / or the recipe you have chosen. Average proportions for cakes made by the melting method are one-third fat to the total amount of flour; one-third sugar to the total amount of flour; and one to two-thirds of sweetener to the total amount of flour. However, these proportions can vary significantly with individual recipes.

One extremely important factor when making cakes by this method is the exact weighting of the ingredients for the individual recipes. As long as there is a correct balance of ingredients to start with, perfect results will follow.

There are no hard and fast rules about the type of flour to use. As a basic guide, plain flour is best used, because then you can control the amount of raising agent which is important to the mixture. Self-raising flour may be used for certain recipes, but as you have no control over the rising agent you can never be sure whether it is too much or too little for the purpose of making cakes by this method. Certain brown flours can be used depending on your taste. Never use a strong plain flour (the type recommended for bread making), because this will produce a tough and heavy-textured cake. You should never substitute one flour for another in a given recipe, because this could offset the overall balance.

Bicarbonate of soda is the rising agent most often used in this method of cake making as it combines successfully with plain flour. When this chemical raising agent is heated, it gives off a carbon dioxide which produces the rise. Baking powder, another chemical raising agent, is used where self-raising flour is included. The quantities are usually small because of the amounts already in a self-rising flour. Baking powder is added, suddenheless to boost the rising. If you are using a brown flour, you must use baking powder in larger quantities than with self-raising flour. Brown flour is so much heavier than white flour and needs the extra rise that a larger quantity of baking powder will give.

Source by James Stewarts

7 Delicious and Nutritious After-School Snacks for Kids: Bread Casserole, Pizza Toast and More!

When it comes to after-school snacks for kids, parents do not have to set for cookies, chips or cereal bars. There are many quick, tasty and healthy snack options you can make for your kids. Try the seven snack ideas below that are as simple to make as they are delicious!

Baked Whole Wheat Bread and Cheese Sandwiches

Although the cooking time for baked whole wheat bread and cheese sandwiches is 30 minutes, the prep time is a tenth of that, which is why these snacks have made the list. Preparation is easy: For each sandwich you take 2 pieces of buttered whole wheat bread, place a slice of cheese between each piece and lay the sandwiches in a shallow cooking dish. In a mixing bowl, combine one egg, a dash of milk and a pinch of salt to taste. Blend the eggs, milk and salt and pour the mixture over the cheese sandwiches. Place the cooking dish in the oven and bake at 180 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

Peanut Butter and Raisin Sandwich

The great thing about peanut butter and raisin sandwiches is that they are both delicious and nutritious. Bread, peanut butter and raisins are the only things you'll need to treat your child to a snack that is quick and healthy. White bread or wheat bread, chunky or creamy peanut butter – It does not matter what you use so pick whatever your child enjoys!

Garlic Toast

Garlic bread does not always have to be served with pasta – it can also be dished up as a snack that is fast, tasty and healthy. White bread or French rolls work best because they can be buttered and toasted for an authentic Italian treat. To make the garlic butter, combine 1/4 cup softened butter and a pinch of parmesan cheese in a mixing bowl. Season with a dash of garlic salt and pepper and mix into a buttery spread.Top off your toasted bread or roll with the garlic butter and you're done in less than ten minutes!

Pizza Toast

If your kids live for pizza, then homemade pizza bread can be a real treat and requires only four simple ingredients to create a snack that is as delicious as it is healthy: White bread, tomato sauce, cheese and toppings. Simply spread the tomato sauce over the bread, and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese and your child's favorite toppings. Place the pizza toast into the toaster oven and bake until the cheese begins to melt.

Cube Casserole

Both delicious and nutritious, bread cube casserole can be a great snack idea for parents who like the convenience of a dish that is already made and is ready to be reheated.To start, slice pieces of white bread or wheat bread into cubes and place along the bottom of a baking dish. Combine eggs, cheese, and a dash of milk in a mixing bowl and stir before adding some of your child's favorite toppings such as ham or vegetables. Pour the mixture over the cubes, allowing them to soak up the liquid. Bake the casserole at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 minutes or until the top begins to brown.

Eggs in a Basket

This recipe may seem more appropriate for breakfast, but who says you can not have eggs for a snack? Eggs in a basket may be one of the easiest snacks to make and children are illuminated with the creative cut out shapes in the toast. For this recipe you will need a cookie cutter, whole wheat bread, butter and eggs. First, heat the butter or oil in a pan on medium heat.Then use a fun cookie cutter shape to cut a hole in the middle of a piece of bread and lay it into the pan. Fry both sides until golden brown and then crack an egg into the hole of the bread and fry until thoroughly cooked and flip to the other side.

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches

A cucumber and cream cheese sandwich can be a terrific alternative to heavier snacks – substantial enough to keep your kids going until dinner without spoiling their appetites. Spread a little cream cheese over slices of white bread or whole wheat bread and add slivers of cucumber. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper and you have a quick, delicious and nutritious snack.

Whether parents are looking to prepare dishes ahead of time for quick and easy snacks or they're searching for recipes they can make with their children and serve immediately, these 7 snack ideas are a great alternative to some of the other nutritionally alternative options.

Source by Maria Noble

Weight Loss Diet Foods – Everyday Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

We all have been on a diet at one point in our lives, either to fit into a summer bikini or to try to shed the spare tire, but what are some healthy weight loss diet foods that can help us lose weight? These diet foods should have some basic nutritional value, but also be low in calories and fat.

Some popular dieting food includes pickles, which actually burn more calories to eat than that contained them, as well as raisins and nuts. Weight loss diet foods such as vegetables are much lower in calories than potato chips, and are portable so that they can be cooked anywhere for quick and nutritious snack.

Other healthy meals such as salads with grilled chicken for dinner or lunch can be quite healthy, but only if you refuse from adding excess amounts of salad dressing and bacon bits which turn diet foods into calorie bombs.

While we all like bread products such as muffins, croissants, cookies and potato chips, most dietitians would not consider processed bread products to be listed in the category of healthy foods. This is because the calories gained from say processed white bread may not contain a lot of protein, and carbohydrates are basically turned into sugar inside your body.

Some healthy options are if you want to eat more weight loss diet foods are whole grain bread with flax. These breeds may actually contain a certain amount of dietary fiber, and various other types of bread may actually be fortified with protein to make them healthy.

If you are serious about incorporating healthy eating habits into your diet then consider increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables, and lean fish. Remember, anything fried probably has a large number of calories and will not help you lose weight in the end.

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Quality Bakery Equipment – The Difference Maker

Why take chances? Why not rather take advantage of what the market has to offer? The term bakery equipment is vague in itself for a lot of people planning a bakery start up or those who have genuine interest but not a lot of experience with commercial bakery.

What kind of equipments is used?

Here are some 'must haves' in your bakery:

1. Cookie Machine: A cookie maker comes in handy for making tasty cookies at a commercial level. A premium cookie machine is a great investment for any bakery.

2. Bakery Slicers: Some money should also be sent on quality slicers for that perfectly made bread, for it is not only the taste and ingredients that matter, but the look and presentation of bread and other products as well.

3. Bakery Cake Depositors: These machines help the baker deposit the material (what later becomes cake) into its container. This helps in baking lovely cakes that are flawless and a delight to be relished.

4. Bakery Donut Proofers: Donuts are becoming integral to modern bakeries. These refrigerator looking machines help with donut production and also come handy for other general bakery purposes. They come in various sizes to pick from.

5. Bakery racks and shelving: A bakery can not have racks and shelving like that of any other shop. If one does not want to pester himself or herself with frequent renovations and space problems all over again in the future, then the solution is to get some expert shelving done and arrange for some high grade bakery racks once and for all. This will ensure that the space is effectively utilized and makes the bakery warm and inviting as well.

And of course the list does not end here. As the technology advances, the machines and tools have made our lives easy and much sorted. Every inch that needs functioning have an equipment to make the operations quick and less cumbersome.

Short on Cash?

Gone are the days when these will burn a huge hole in the baker's pocket. The solution is to order some second hand-bakery equipment. These are easily available both in shops that specifically deal with such stuff and the internet as well. So it really does not matter if one has been in the business for a while or has just entered or plan to get into the near future, these steps will help with all endeavors. Ensure that before you procure, the equipment is in a working condition and fulfills your requirement. Also see that the second-hand equipment does not require allowance amount of maintenance and repair. The cost that you pay for the machine, should not trouble you at least for a longer time.

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7 Best Tips For Healthy Clay Pot Cooking

Clay pot cooking is the oldest and time-tested method for healthy cooking. While people are struggling to fight the ill effects of modern ways of cooking, with this safe and simple way of cooking, nobody ever had complaints. This is probably the reason people are slowly going back to their roots by switching to clay cookware.

There is a new challenge with clay pot cooking today it is rare that people are making it with the health value in mind so the clay pots available in the market are unfortunately chemical laden and covered with toxic enamels and glazes (like ceramics). The more beautiful and colorful they look on the outside, the more toxins they may leach while cooking. The cheaper they are, it's possible that additives are used to make them faster and smoother. It's important that you choose a truly healthy pot and here are 7 tips to choosing and using the best clay pots:

1. Always Choose Primary Clay

Primary clay is the purest form of clay – it has absolutely no toxins. Only primary clay is naturally inert, so does not react to food like metals and ceramics. There are many clay pots available in the market that are made from secondary or tertiary clay but they have contaminants that may leach into your food while cooking.

2. No Chemicals, Glazes or Enamels

Most makers start using chemicals to make the process easier. In fact, every mechanized process needs the raw material to be treated with chemicals. The glazes and enamels may make your clay pots and pans colorful, attractive and even robust but they contaminate food. So always choose a cookware made from unglazed primary clay (or pure clay).

3. Seasoning Is Important

Seasoning your pure clay pot as per instructions is very important for cooking delicious food every time and it also increases the life of your pot. Pure clay is naturally non-stick, so after proper seasoning, if done right, the food should never stick to the bottom.

4. Choose Ingredients Carefully

You have finally chosen the healthiest clay pot – great, but it will all be in vain if you will not use the right ingredients. For healthy clay pot cooking, make sure you choose all-natural organic ingredients that are unprocessed and nutrition-rich. A balanced diet is all you and your family needs for a healthy body, so always pay attention to the nutritional value of your ingredients.

5. Cook At Medium to Low Heat

Pure clay pots are great retainers of heat and the near infrared heat radiating from their walls cooks food evenly with gentle heat. It keeps nutrients intact and food cooks in almost the same time at low-medium heat as it does on high heat in metal / ceramic cookware.

Cooking at low-medium heat not only prevails food from burning and sticking to the bottom, it also improves the durability of your pure clay pot.

6. Choose A Pot That Manages Steam Well

Steam management is an important aspect of healthy cooking. In conventional cookware, the steam pressure inside the pot gets too much while cooking with harsh, near-infrared heat from metals / ceramics. So their lids have vents to release excess steam in order to protect the pot from exploding.

Not many are aware that steam is water-soluble nutrients. As the body can not store them like fat-soluble nutrients, they are needed every day. If the steam is released freely while cooking, the food becomes nutritionally deficient.

An ergonomically designed pure clay pot and lid make sure when steam rises from food, condenses at the inner surface of the lid (the lid being cooler than the pot) and settles back into the food before cooking is complete. This way, the water-soluble nutrients are preserved and your body is nourished with them regularly.

7. Clean With Water – No Soap

Regardless of what the label says, all soaps are toxic. When you are using a 100% non-toxic cookware, it's important that you keep it away from anything toxic or chemical laden. Pure clay pots are naturally porous, so food does not stick to the surface. You can always clean them with bare hands in normal water. Although you can scrub it a little if burnt food sticks at the bottom.

By following these simple yet useful tips, you can do wonders with healthy clay pot cooking . This will not only keep your body nourished with essential nutrients but will also protect you from common infections and diseases by strengthening your immunity.

Source by Sharon Ray

Sourdough History

Sourdough has been made since ancient times; it dates back to Ancient Egypt around 1500 BC. In Europe it has been used as the main kind of bread until they developed a way to cultivate yeast in the Middle Ages. Rye bread is still popular in Europe and since baker's yeast is not really useful for leavening rye bread the sourdough method is still used.

Sourdough also has a history in the US during the California Gold Rush it was used as the main kind of bread because it was more reliable than other kinds of bread and could last for longer periods of time. One of the most famous exports in the US is the San Francisco sourdough which is very popular to this very day.

It has been made for over 150 years and has become popular due to its fine taste with seafood and soups alike. Today sourdough is not very popular, it takes too long to make but some restaurants keep it on their menus.

There are many kinds of sourdough but most are made the same way, one exception is the Amish Friendship Bread which is not sour due to the presence of milk and sugar in the recipe. While sourdough is not the most efficient kind of bread and it might not be the best tasting, it has something unique to it and shows the way nature works, it does not rush anything and it does not try to do more than its possible, yet everything that's important gets done.

Source by Antonio Musa