Pick a recipe with these few ingredients

Pick a recipe with these few ingredients

So, I’m in the process of building/rebuilding a sourdough starter but it won’t be ready to use for 3-5 more days.  In preparation for making a rye sourdough, I recently bought an 8″ round brotform.  Upon unboxing it, my fiancé insisted that I make her a loaf of bread with it this weekend.  Since I wasn’t going to make any this weekend, I didn’t rush a flour order I recently made, so my supplies on hand are relatively scant. 

So, here’s the challenge:

I need a recipe that will produce a savory loaf of bread using only water, instant yeast, AP flour, WW flour, salt, honey, sugar, and butter.  I do not need to use all those ingredients, just listing off what I’ve got on hand.  In addition, it will be baked in the brotform so ideally something that will take advantage of that shape and will create a beautiful crust.


Let’s see what the experts can come up with!

Source: Fresh Loaf