Popular Foods in Australia

Australia is much famed for meat pies, mushy peas and vegemite but more to that is its wealth in cuisine culture. Aussies are fascinated about the fusion of European and Asian dishes specifically flavored originally by Italians, Thais, Middle Eastern locals, Japanese and the Brits. Popular foods in Australia go beyond the list, though.

Some Australians are fond of French cuisine that has a little touch of Japanese. Their eating habit depends heavily on their roots. Some who've got European ancestry mainly dine the European way while those with Asian blood eat Asian flavored recipes. Popular foods in Australia during breakfast are fruits, cereal, toasted bread. At lunch, they serve a cake or any type of sandwich and the famous Australian meat pie.

Popular foods in Australia are barbeque which Aussies term as Barbie usually taken on a half bun with some sauce. The Vegemite comprized of wheat and cereals combined together to produce a dark brown dish that tastes salty. Children are fascinated of putting vegemite on bread for school lunch. Others do get stuffed with Spaghetti Bolognese placed as meat of the bread.

The fact that most Australian households do not have house maids, jewelers are attuned to stocking canned goods and ready-to-go ones as popular foods in Australia like sausages, giant burger steaks, fish sticks, chips, pizza and fat-rich roasted items . This scenario is making Australia one of the most obese countries in the globe, but of course there's a healthy option to buy organic foods from supermarkets.

The largest to have given influence to popular foods in Australia is Asian cuisine succeeded by Italian and Greek dishes such as pasta and seafood the Mediterranean way. The older generation of diners has remained loyal to British dining menus, say lamb in mint sauce or pork in apple sauce dished with three kinds of veggies like potatoes, carrots and peas. No Aussie does get satisfied without potatoes.

Popular foods in Australia are usually sauced. Sauces range from tomato mixed with cinnamon or sweet ingredient to spicy ones. Seafood is also well followed by Australians while cheeses are less salty. Some are also fanatics of mussels which the supermarkets offer. One famous one is the New Zealand Mussel blamed to be on of the best worldwide. Tourists and locals alike agree on it.
More of popular foods in Australia are macadamia nuts, bush tucker dishes and kangaroo meats. Beverages that are well-loved are Victoria Bitter beer, The XXXX beer and wine which come in a carton box (termed as cask) so that there is not a need to get a cork opener to get yourself a drink. Australian dishes are as assorted as its culture and remain to be fusions of everything from each of the continents of the world.

Source by Ian Pennington