pregnancy brain and my starter

pregnancy brain and my starter

Submitted by viajeralaura on July 30, 2015 – 9:09pm.

Thanks to some great help from this forum in March, I developed my own sourdough starter and have managed it, and baked weekly for the past four months. I got into a good groove and was playing around with different flours both in baking and to manage the starter, improving my bread techniques, etc. I really enjoy bread baking and this was all making me very happen.

Anyway, I sold my house and bought a new house in June and things got crazy for a little while, so I wasn’t baking for a bit. Anyway, I finally got around to baking last weekend, and everything went great (I made three excellent loaves in my new kitchen – so proud) until two days ago when I realized, as I was having my nightly piece of toast, that on that last bake I had failed to save any starter in the fridge. WAAAA. And in that moment, I realized, also being 31 weeks pregnant, that I officially have pregnancy brain. 

But I digress. I was very sad for a few seconds and then remembered that a couple months ago, before I got better at managing the amount of starter I needed, I froze some, based on some directions I probably got on here. What I did was lay out some parchment paper, and spread the starter on it, and let it dry out in the air for maybe 2-3 days. Once it was all dry, I was able to crack it into pieces and separate it from the paper and stuck it in the freezer. Thankfully, my frozen bits survived the move. 

My question is simply how I use the frozen starter. Just let it thaw out and feed it? Will it need additional time? Is there any need to add anything other than the water and flour? 

Thanks in advance to all you old pros. Facebook StumbleUpon