Promoting Healthy Hair Growth For All

It is unfortunate, but both men and women can experience hair loss during their lifetime. Many of these people are constantly looking for ways to stop the hair loss process without much success. Some of those people have the money to turn to plastic surgeons for help, but the majority of people do not have that kind of money to spend. Fortunately, there is an option for the many who suffer from hair loss, and that is biotin. Take a closer look at biotin and hair loss treatments to get a better understanding of this natural substance.

As stated above, biotin (also known as vitamin H or B7) is a natural substance that is found in many foods, like milk, liver, egg yolks and whole grains. Just because you eat enough of these foods, does not necessarily mean you are getting enough of this vitamin. This is the case because the cooking process can destroy biotin. For example, egg yolks have to be fully cooked to get the benefits of biotin, and vegetables have to be steamed. Fortunately, you can take supplements that have biotin in them, so you can maximize appropriate hair growth.

Biotin is used in the body for things other than hair growth. For example it is necessary for maintaining the right levels of blood sugar, skin health, and cell division. If a body does not have enough biotin, it will use whatever it does have for the more important processes instead of using it on hair growth. If your body has enough biotin, it will take care of the important processes, as well as having some left over to promote new hair growth. It also helps your body metabolize the oils your scalp needs for hair follicle growth.

Taking supplements that have biotin as an active ingredient is a good idea. Be careful, and buy a product that truly offers appropriate amounts of biotin. It is also important to take it as instructed and to be patient. The hair growth process will not improve overnight. Eating well and exercising will also promote proper circulation to your scalp and will only help hair growth.