Pumpkin Scones (Video)

Pumpkin Scones (Video)

Submitted by Beka on November 27, 2015 – 4:10am.

Mmm… that *time* of the year again when all the pumpkin recipes start poppin’ up everywhere. I live in the lovely equatorial tropics, which means our pumpkins are of the green-and-white variety and we get them all year round (just without the carving). I believe that this recipe works for American pumpkins as well.


Fancy some pumpkin scones? I love this recipe – it makes a sticky dough, which turns in scone that is deliciously moist. Only 1/3 cup of butter (2/3 of a stick) is needed for each batch! It’s my mother’s favourite, and I make sure she has a stash on them in the freezer for afternoon tea.


It’s an original recipe adapted from a sourdough scones recipe – the conversion worked quite well! I made this instructional video a couple of years ago, and the printable recipe is below (unfortunately it’s in gram measurements). If you try making these scones, do let me know! I think it’ll be awesome for a warm autumn afternoon, or anytime really.

Video of 0FRps9jyx6Q