Quest for the perfect sour…

Quest for the perfect sour…

… and I found it * my family and I love this taste * and I get it with every  bake.


50% hydration starter , feed it, put it in the fridge , leave it in the fridge for 3 days, take it out, take what you need for the bake, feed the rest up and put it back in the fridge.


200g 50% hydration starter

500g wheat flour

200g wholemeal flour

400g water

  13g salt

mix well, tip out on worksurface, knead until smooth and elastic OR if dough pushed in with finger it should slowly spring back.

put in a bowl, cover bowl, leave to stand at room temperature for 2 hours, put it in the fridge for 12 hours * if a bit more sour leave it in the fridge for 18 hours * shape straight from the fridge, add to banneton, leave to proof for 2.5 hours, tip out on parchment paper, score, put in preheated dutch oven, bake for 30min. lid on at 250C and for 20 more min. with th lid of at 200C.


I just had to cut a slice after 30 min. cooling with LOTS of unsalted butter and it is sooooooooo bloody yummy.

I baked 2 loaves at once today as I have a big enough oven to place 2 dutch ovens side by side.

Just went downstairs and most of one of the loafs is gone. rofl, not much butter left either. pffff


Source: Fresh Loaf