Question about flours in sourdough starter

Question about flours in sourdough starter

Hi all,

I started a sourdough seed/starter about 10 days ago following the instructions from Peter Reinhart’s artisan bread every day. I though it was ready to make bread after a week, but it wasn’t. I did quite a bit of search and reading and started feeding it almost twice daily with a combination of rye and bread flour with 100% hydration (66% in the book though). I switched to all purpose flour for the last two feedings. I noticed that it was more active with all purpose flour and I could see lots of bubbles on the top in 12 hours, but it didn’t rise as much, only about 1.5 times instead of 2 times. With rye flour, it took about 24 hours to see bubbles on top with rise and fall.

Is it normal for the starter to take longer to absorb the feeding with rye flour than all purpose flour? Shouldn’t all purpose flour gets more rise than the rye flour?


Source: Fresh Loaf