Question about wasteful levain volumes

Question about wasteful levain volumes

Submitted by bread1965 on July 7, 2015 – 5:49pm.

Hi Everyone..

This weekend I plan on baking the FWSY 75% Whole Wheat Levain Bread.

As many of you know, Forkish has more flour in his life than he needs and would have me add 100 grams of levain to 400 grams of white flour, 100 grams of whole wheat flour and 400 grams of warm water together and leave it overnight to be used the next morning. But only to need 360 grams of levain in the bread and throw the rest away! I obviously don’t want to do that!

So I’m wondering, couldn’t I just multiple all the numbers above by .36 and then end up with exactly 360 grams of levain on Saturday morning and have nothing to throw away?

So I’d take 36 grams of levain from my maintained levain jar friday morning (that I would have otherwise discarded as part of my feeding routine), and add to it 400x.36 or 144 grams of white flour,  100x.36 or 36 grams of whole wheat flour and 400x.36 or 144 grams of warm water and mix them together to sit overnight. That would be 36g levain plus, 144g white four, plus 36g whole wheat, 144g of water = 360grams.

I can’t think of any downside of doing it this way.  What do you all (or y’all for my southern friends) think?

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