Quick intro

Quick intro

Hi! Having been into (3D) cakes and pastry for a long time, focus has now shifted to artisan bread. Usually bake hybrid sourdoughs using my rye barm that I started a couple of years ago. Main reason for the hybrid is to have a structure that is more liked by my family members (wife and 2 kids age 9 and 13). However, I have already seen some great full sourdoughs that I will certainly try!

Whenever possible, I bake my bread in the woodfired oven I build last year in my backyard. It is an Alan Scott type oven, with a floor of app 1 mtr deep and 90 cm wide. Check my website if you’d like to see some of my breads, cakes or the woodfired oven (www.bakkenvolpassie.nl).

Look forward to share my experiences with you (and learn from yours!).


Source: Fresh Loaf