Raadvad Danish Bread Slicer

Raadvad Danish Bread Slicer

Und zo, I just received a Raadvad Danish bread slicer straight from Denmark, like these:

My new Danish Bread Slicer

and here:

Serendipitous Danish-inspired Rye

but it would seem that these things are so ubiquitous that no one really comments on them, besides endless exhortations on “small fingers” or the like. Does anyone have any expertise on them? Cleaning and maintenance seems pretty straight forward, but I do have a question.

Towards the lower right of the blade arm, there is a little butterfly rocker with two pins, of which one has a long metal bar attached. The bar attaches to the upper right of the business end of the slicer. Does anyone have any idea what this is for, what switching the bar to the other pin does? The pin that holds the butterfly rocker is threaded, but I’m not sure the point?

Any help greatly appreciated! I’ve searched this place so often, I’ve never had to post, thank you ALL!!


Source: Fresh Loaf