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The effects of insomnia are enough to make you feel as though you’re losing touch with reality. This sleep disorder could, in fact, lead to microsleep, which is potentially dangerous. In severe cases, patients suffer through frequent episodes of microsleep and face difficulty in differentiating between reality and dream.

Microsleep and Accidents

Patients with chronic and acute insomnia could experience microsleep at any time. Unfortunately, if the effects of sleep deprivation aren’t addressed properly, this could lead to automobile accidents. According to statistics recorded by highway patrol agencies throughout the country, the number of microsleep-related fatalities each year is over 1,500.

Individuals who have experienced a high frequency of microsleep should report them to their doctor. These conditions are controllable with the right medications. For example, melatonin provides an adequate amount of sleep for patients. According to studies, patients who receive at least eight hours of sleep each night, saw a reduction in these occurrences. In some cases, they were eliminated completely.

A Connection Between Mental Disorders and Insomnia

Conditions such as manic depression causes changes in sleep patterns, which lead to insomnia frequently. This is due to the mania phases of the disorder. These patients have a higher probability of experiencing microsleep. What is unfortunate is the decrease in rational thought during these occurrences.

Treatment for these conditions could require the patient to end medication such as Melatonin to achieve a full night’s rest. Since it is a natural substance, it is less likely to lead to a negative interaction with the patient’s current medications. The issue, however, faced by doctors is to find the correct dosage for these patients without producing adverse conditions.

Insomnia produces conditions, which are dangerous not only for the patient but those around them. Side effects of this sleep issue could cause microsleep. These occurrences are momentary lapses in consciousness. Unfortunately, they occur when the individual believes they are wide awake.

A higher frequency of these events happens while the individual is driving an automobile or stopped in traffic. Patients with an existing mental disorder such as manic depression are also at risk of these effects. If you wish to learn more about these effects of insomnia and more, you should visit the insomniactive sleep site now.