Reasons to Get a Hot Stone Massage

Tense muscles and back pain are all too common in our modern society that we live in today. Practiced for hundreds of years, hot stone massage is a holistic message technique that uses warmed stones that are put on the back in order to help the muscles relax. The three main reasons why one might look into hot stone massage treatment is for muscle relaxation, pain relief and improved circulation. Be sure to find the professionals such as hot stone massage Edinburgh when interested in a hot stone massage.

Muscle Cramps and Tension

People with muscle cramps, knots or tension in their muscles would be great candidates for this sort of treatment. If your muscles are extremely tight or stiff, the heated stones should provide some extra relaxation needed for the massage to be that much more beneficial in letting go of the residual tension caused by the pain. This helps in easing sore muscles.

Relief of Aches and Pains

Pain relief is probably the most common reason for people seeking out a hot stone massage. While all types of massage can potentially help relieve pain cause by tense muscles, injuries or stiff joints, a hot stone massage could potentially provide greater relief due to the intense nature of the message.

Improved Circulation Through the Body

As you body learns to relax, your circulation will improve. This is especially important for ailments such as sciatica and tingling in the extremities. While this type of massage is not a cure, it can definitely help with the effects.

As you can see, hot stone massage is a very particular form of pain relief. The hot stones must be positioned in just the right points of the body to really become effective. It is typical for the message therapist to allow the heated stones to rest on the trigger points on the client’s body before beginning to actually work the muscles. As the heat from the stones penetrates into the deeper body tissues, the blood vessels open which results in improved circulation. Having poor circulation can lead to fatigue, which will tense up the muscles and lead to a buildup of fluid and lactic acid within the muscles. Increased circulation allows for more oxygen to be delivered directly to the muscles, which can help ease pains and aches.