Recipes for a Mayonnaise-Alternative Sandwich Spread from Hampton Creek

Someone who has been thinking about giving up all meat and animal-based foods may one day decide to take the leap rather than easing into this new lifestyle gradually. That can lead to a conundrum as this person has to think entirely differently about breakfast, lunch and dinner. No more bacon, no more chicken, no more cheese and no more eggs. OK, there’s an egg-free mayo from Hampton Creek on store shelves and reviews say it’s great. But what do you make with it? You can’t make egg salad, tuna salad or a bologna sandwich.

The company’s Facebook page comes to the rescue. A myriad of recipes are posted there, some featuring the Just Mayo sandwich spread and others the newer varieties of salad dressings. How about spinach-artichoke dip with the alternative mayo? That delicious concoction can be served with tortilla chips or small pieces of bread, or as a topping for pizza. Most spinach-artichoke dip recipes include cheese, but it certainly can be made without that substance. If someone is having a lot of trouble giving up cheese, soy-based products are available for substitutes.

The dip doesn’t stop with this recipe. Guacamole can be crafted with avocado, garlic and Just Mayo instead of standard mayonnaise. For hummus, substitute chickpeas for the avocado. The consumer might want to buy the garlic-flavored version of this sandwich spread for convenience. French onion dip, a popular item at parties, can be made with dried onions, spices and Just Mayo instead of sour cream.

Pasta salad also can be made with this product. Include ingredients like black olives, sliced mushrooms, small pieces of broccoli and pimentos. For the person who craves chicken, a handful of companies provide vegan substitutes that are primarily made of soy and wheat gluten along with natural flavorings to create the sense of fried chicken without the bird. Simply cook, chop and blend the food with Just Mayo along with diced celery and any other veggies that might be included in a no-chicken chicken salad. Stuffed Portobello mushrooms appeal to many people; a tasty recipe includes the sandwich spread blended with chopped green olives and shredded carrots.