Red Blossoms

She watched with fascination as the people roamed by. They were all wearing colorful and bright dresses, adorned with the precious jewels like she had never seen in her six of years. It was a kaleidoscope of colors that were so striking that it hurt her eyes. She clutched tighter to her mother's hand while her eyes were wide with wonder, innocence and something skin to fear. She, the little girl in black coat, had always thought that the world was only filled with gray, black and white, because that's what she had always seen. She never in her wildest dreams thought of so many colors. It was scaring seeing the real world for the first time. As a man in long blue robes passed by, she turned to her mother.

'Mama, where are we going?', She asked. Her mother was still staring at the cluster of people in front of them.

She said, 'I am going to work. You should sit outside and play as I work. Okay? '

'Mama, why do you work all the time? And you no longer play with me at all either 'the chubby girl asked her mother.

'For bread, sweetie. For bread. ' her mother whispered and her eyes were strangely wet.

Her mother hurried her through the dark shadowed alleys that were dusted in white by the snow to the mansion. For the girl shadows posed no threat she knew that night was a friend of their heads, a time when they all gathered and saw the sky filled with stars. The six year old child stand there gasping as she once again was done in awe with the beauty of the place.

'You go in backyard and play but do not take anything and do not come inside,' her mother instructed her adjusting her scarf. The little girl loved that scarf her mother felt all the time. It was white with lots of red roses on it, so many red flowers that it looked red.

Following her mother's words she went in the backyard and there blooming in countless shrubs and plants was a lone tree with red flowers. She picked a flower from the ground and smelled it. '' Ah! Such a sweet smell they brave '', she exclaimed. She sat under the tree and waited for her mother to come. And then it became a routine. With time, she had come to love that tree more and more. But one day it ended, when her mother was shouted at the lady with painted face. Her leisure time came to an end they stopped visiting the mansion. But the tree. Oh! She could not forget and it saddened her a lot. She asked her mother for thousand times when they will go back.

'We are not going there sweetheart', her mother replied.

'But I just want to see the blossoms. For just one more time Mama. Please ', she pleaded her mother.

'Alright, only once okay.' Her mother finally wave up. 'Okay', she grinned.

And that night they went back to the mansion through the same alleles as before but for some reason they scared the little girl that night. She told herself it was just her excitement that made her so wary.
The gate of mansion creaked open under her mother's hand and they stepped inside.

As she reached the backyard, a huge smile appeared on her face. He mother found herself smiling to see her sadness flying away. She ran toward the tree watching the red blossoms fall along with the snow. And even as she reached the tree she knew something was wrong. There was a lot of noise and there followed a sound of gunshot.

'Mama', she fought for once, afraid of this dark white world. She found her soon soon enough lying on snow that was red as blood, as red as her mother's scarf, as red as the blossom that fell from the tree as though tears lamenting the cruelty of the world. She sobbed for her mother but soon the pain in her heart ebbed away as the darkest cold settled. The dawn came, so did the pitiful looks of the mother and child frozen under a blanket of red blossoms, no longer free to walk on the land as they took the train of death. But they never knew their story.

As Edwin Hubbell Chapin said, '' No language can express the power and the beauty and heroism and majesty of a mother's love ''.

Source by Sania S