Red Fife x 4 = Awesomeness!!! Matching my work schedule

Red Fife x 4 = Awesomeness!!! Matching my work schedule

Submitted by Dave Mott on November 20, 2015 – 11:40am.

Hey everybody,

Just baked my first batch of 4. Turned out pretty good. Happy with results.

So check this out. I’m in Canadian Tire a couple of weeks ago, and like any baking/cooking geek I always stop by the kitchen section. Well luck would have it they were having a major sale on all kinds of stuff. That could be good…or it could be bad for the bank account. So I stop by the dutch oven oven section and low and behold, there is a 70% off sale. So I picked up a Cuisinart 3qt enamel on cast iron dutch oven for $49.99. Regular $169.99. What a steal! So then I decided not only do I need 1, but I think I need 8 of them!! So the deal was done. I can fit 8 of them in my home oven. Four on top and 4 on the bottom. Time to get serious!

So I just baked my first experiment of 4 boules. Next step is going to be 8. They turned out great. Only thing is the bottom ones ended up a little darker on the bottom of the loaf. I think to fix that I’m going to lay some tin foil down to deflect the heat from the bottom dutch ovens.





































































The great thing about this recipe is I’ve made it to match my work schedule. I’ve been seeing on the forum lately, people asking for recipe’s to match their work schedule. So here is an example of mine and hope this helps out some people.


Organic Bread Flour                                                 1200g         60%

Organic Whole Grain Stone Ground Red Fife           600g          30%

Starter @ 100% hydration (Organic Bread Flour)      400g          20%

Water                                                                        1100g         55%

Salt                                                                             40g            2%


Total Flour                                                                 2000g        100%

Total Water                                                               1300g          65%


Day one:

1. 6:00am feed starter and keep out at room temp.

2. Go to work!

3. Get home. 4:00pm mix flour and water together. Autolyse for 1 hour.

4. Mix flour, starter and salt. Rest for 10 minutes.

5. Dump out of bowl. Do 1 stretch and fold, cover and rest for 20 minutes.

6. Continue to do 5 more stretch and folds with 20 minute rest periods in between. Basically 1 stretch and fold every 20 minutes. Works out to be 6 stretch and folds within 2 hours.

7. Put in bowl and bulk rise at room temp for 2 hours.

8. Put in fridge and retard until I get home from work next day. About 20-22 hours.

Day 2:

1. Take out of fridge, dump out on counter, cut four equal pieces (I scaled mine at around 800g each), and place in bannetton’s. Proof for about 1.5 hours (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less).

2. Pre-heat dutch ovens for about an hour to 500 degrees.

3. Take out dutch ovens, flip dough out of bannetton’s into your hand, place in dutch ovens, score loafs, place dutch ovens with lid on back in oven and bake at 500 degrees for 20 minutes.

4. After 20 minutes take lids off dutch ovens and bake for an additional 15-30 minutes at 375 degrees.

5. When ready take out of dutch ovens and let cool overnight

Day 3:

1. ENJOY!!


This recipe allows me to finish prep by 10-10:30pm on day 1, and finish baking around 7-8:00pm on day 2. So far it has always been consistent results.

My next challenge will be to use all 8 dutch ovens at once!! EXCITING!!

I will post my results for y’all when that happens!

Cheers! And happy baking!