Resurrection Day – A Celebration of Agricultural Festivals and a Monumental Historical Milestone

***Happy Resurrection Day! A celebration of agricultural festivals and a historical milestone. We should celebrate the occasion every day of the year!

Whether recognizing Passover Friday, or Good Friday, be apprised that it is all in an earnest respect and regard about the culmination of the events that bears the most significance. Resurrection Sunday is quickly coming upon us, albeit is mainly recognized on the new moon after the Spring equinox, usually between March 22 and April 25 and on a Sunday! I believe that the significance is tremendous, and should be shown and commemorated every day of the year!

You may humbly agree with me, or at least avail me the opportunity to speak to the historical significance that the Resurrection represents; Just like Jonas was cast away in the belly of a great fish (whale to be exact), he did return and was restored, revived and deemed to be alive after three days- that was the first known resurrection. The most amazing, fulfilling and significant Resurrection came as the Messiah, or the one without sin, served as,” The Propitiation of Sin,” and was cast away in the heart of earth, that is so overwhelming to accept, though no less, accepted without (?) Question- at least by me.

We can collectively take pride and celebrate the significance that the price was duly paid for the propitiation of sin. We pay homage and show humility by eating unleavened Matza bread- which is not an easy feat- eating flat, unflavored, and unleavened bread- though please note: It is eaten in humility to experience humbleness and humility. We are asked to humble ourselves as we get mentally prepared to decrease our inflated self-importance, in preparation for more spiritual understanding and revelation. There are three main celebrations that are paramount for receiving significant spiritual discernment, enlightenment and blessings:

*1. Pesah (Passover), Passover is our celebratory way to venerate and pay homage to our freedom from early slavery, reminding us of the Exodus. We must enjoy offering the first fruits of our Spring barley- Barley is said to be the first grain to be harvested and to have ripened in the Spring in Yisrael.

**2. Shavuot (The Festival of weeks- Pentecost), The commemoration of the wheat harvest for 7 weeks in the land of Yisrael. It began with the harvesting of the barley during Passover and ended with the harvesting of the wheat at Shavuot. Shavuot was considered to be the concluding festival of the grain harvest.

***3. Sukkot (The Festival of Tabernacles or Booths). For 7 days we remember G-ds kindness as our ancestors traveled the Sinai Desert they were protected and shielded from danger and discomfort. Sukkot is actually a dwelling where all meals were eaten for 7 days to live in humility feeling humbled by remembering the significance of what our ancestors suffered. They were spared by G-d’s holy protection over them as a dwelling. They were dwelling in their faith and trust of G-d’s love and promise of protection. During the existence of the temple in Jerusalem, an offering of two loaves of bread from the wheat harvest was made on Shavuot. The eighth day of SUKKOT ( Day of Tabernacles) was the concluding festival of the fruit harvest.

When we pay less attention to our carnal needs is significant. It is when we are in deep faith and practicing our faith by how we live our daily lives that we receive the greatest opportunities that faith affords us. The focus is on our appreciation for Spirituality! We align ourselves to get into miracle-forming divinity’s powerful advancement, seeking and reaping knowledge and gaining more focus and energy. It is a great gift to humble and recognize just exactly how important and significant and powerful it is to know in your heart and mind that you have been given the freedom to live your life in freedom- The price was paid in full (PAID IN FULL) for the propitiation of sin! Happy Resurrection Day!

***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune