Rid Your House of Pests Humanely

There are many reasons to not want mice in your home. Mice are incontinent, which means that while they are running around your kitchen searching for food and nesting materials, they are peeing as they go.

Your first clue mice were around was likely from their droppings, probably right in your food cupboard. In these droppings there is the potential for diseases including serious ones like the deadly Hantavirus. They also bring in fleas and can be infested with worms, which will be transferred to your pet if they happen to catch one and try to eat it.

They also chew on everything. They can damage walls, furniture and electrical wires. These chewed wires lead to house fires in many homes every year.

But mice are not evil. They do not want to cause anyone problems or illness. They are only doing what it takes for them to survive. Plus, they are often furry and adorable. If you are faced with the dilemma of how to protect your family by removing these creatures from your home, but want to do it in an ethical manner, there is a way.

The havahart mouse trap is a safe and animal-friendly method of trapping mice without harming them. With these units you simply leave food for bait in the center and a spring-loaded release closes the doors behind them, trapping them inside until you release them somewhere far from home.

The traps are effective and made of a durable steel mesh so you can instantly see what is inside. They need to be checked regularly or your good deed will be undone by the mouse dying of dehydration. They are only able to capture one rodent at a time, so if you have a full-fledged colony, it could be a lot of work to catch them all.

The captured mouse will get adequate air to prevent it from suffocating and the traps give them enough room to be more comfortable than other types of humane traps. The bait stays protected, walled-off from where the mouse is trapped, so you can use it again for the next mouse.

If you are ready to evict your uninvited guests, but cause no harm while you do so, consider the havahart trap.