Rosemary and Black Olive Country Loaf

Rosemary and Black Olive Country Loaf

Hi everyone,

Love Rosemary? Love Black olives? Why not bake some bread with them!!

One of my all time faves!! I use to do this one when I was first using commercial yeast and have not had the chance to do it with sourdough. So finally I did.

Love it so much. The two really do go so well together.





































































Sublime scrambled eggs with creme fresh, crispy bacon, garlic sweet potato hash browns, OJ and fresh fruit makes for absolutely delicious accompaniments to the bread.


Ingredients: 70/2

540g      Red Fife

135g      BF

450g      water

150g     100% Rye Sourdough Starter @ 100% Hydration

15g       Kosher salt

398ml    Can of Pitted Whole Black Olives (I used about half the can. The rest I had with some nice Brie cheese!)

1 tbsp    Finely chopped fresh Rosemary leaves (no stem)



1. Feed starter in the morning. Peaked about 10 hours later.

2. Autolyse flour and water for 2 hours.

3. Mix yeast a little bit with dough first.

4. Add salt, Rosemary and fully mix by squishing together with hands.

5. Rest for 20 minutes.

6. Perform stretch and folds, with 20 minute rest periods in between until dough is ready. On the second S&F add the whole olives. I did a total of 6 S&F.

7. Rest for 1 hour at room temp.

8. Put in fridge and retard for 24hrs.

9. Remove from fridge 2 hours before hand.

10. Dump out on work surface, shape and perform 1 tension pull.

11. Rest for 10 minutes.

12. Perform tension pulls, with 10 minute rest periods in between until dough is ready. I did 4 tension pulls until the dough held it’s shape enough.

13. Proof for about 1 hour 15 min, until dough had just enough spring back.

14. Score and bake in Dutch Oven at 500 for 20 min, then remove lid and continue to bake at 425 for 20-30 min.

The aroma of the Rosemary while baking and then cooling was mouth watering!! When we finally cut it for breakfast the crumb was soft, tender with lovely open, even holes.

Getting a bite of both the olives and the rosemary at the same time is incredible!









Source: Fresh Loaf