Rye Bread Needs Rescuing

Rye Bread Needs Rescuing

Submitted by ntosaj on July 29, 2015 – 5:47pm.

Hullo folks!

First time posting here about bread, I posted earlier about buying an Assistent or a Globe, the former won! Now I’ve made brioche quite happily with the Assistent as well as wholewheat, rye and white bread, however in making rye this time I seem to have hit a wall.

I decided to try a an old recipe that was given to me and figured I’d make use of some very precious rye flour (type 997) that I brought home when I visited my family outside of Berlin. The recipe calls for:

-300g rye (I only realized later on that a footnote specified type 1370)

-100g wholewheat flour

-100g white wheat flour

1/4L water

One yeast cake (lacking one, I used 2tsp. instant)

1.5 tsp. salt

Some sugar

and 25g. of shortening


I made the dough and kneaded for about 2 minutes by hand and 8 minutes in the assistent which left me with a rather smooth, if cannonball-like, mass of dough. I dropped it in my brotform and left it for the requisite four hours required only to be met with…well, very little rise at all! It looked all too much like a lightly kneaded wholewheat loaf, the kind you just know is going to come out of the oven gummy…

While any troubleshooting would be much appreciated (I fear that there might just be too much dark rye…) I was also wondering if it’s possible to save it. Should I leave it overnight and see if it’s risen any? Is there a way that I can make a white bread or something equally light and incorporate them together somehow mitigating my folly? Can I treat it as some kind of stiff starter?  

My focus right now is really to save my precious rye flour – and if possible have something to spread my freshly made apricot jam on!


At my disposal I have:

-A very sour rye starter that’s been hiding in my fridge, made from the same flour

-AP flour

-Organic wholewheat bread flour

-Durum flour 


Thank you so much!

P.s. Posted it here as I really had no clue where it might fit best!

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