Secrets To Keeping People Motivated – Part 3

Imagine you are getting ready to cook a roast dinner with gravy. You have all the ingredients available for roast chicken, steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes, but you follow the instructions to make home made brown bread. Do you think it would work out successfully??

Preparing and cooking a roast dinner in the same manner as home made bread would obviously result in failure. You cannot treat all ingredients and meals as the same thing – they are all different, requiring different methods and techniques to achieve their particular result.

This is the same in management.

The people on your team are all different ages, males and females, different backgrounds and maybe even from different cultures. They each are going to be motivated by different things. Maybe one will respond with excited action and others with boredom or even anger.

It’s up to you as a leader, manager or coach to discover what drives each one of your team members. What elements excite them? What elements turn them off? It may take a little time and effort on your part, but uncovering the powerful motivators that drive your people will be the best thing you can do for you and your team.

Remember, you may be motivated by a financial reward, but that does not mean everyone on your team will share your sentiments. A overbusy single Mum may be motivated by a day off, a free golf weekend may motivate others. Listen to your people. Recognize and utilize their motivators. You are dealing with a wide assortment of ingredients but by following this principle, you can discover how to motivate and keep people motivated.

Source by Rebecca Osborn