Sesame Seeds Help You to Lose Stomach Fat

…And the Oscar goes to the double Calcium and Omega-3.

Sesame seeds are packed with these two nutrients which are well known for their properties to eliminate fat cells.

Including sesame paste or Tahini – as it is more commonly known – for breakfast every day gives a great help for anyone who wants to lose stomach fat and weight in general. You will see the scales pointer going down very quickly. Just a tablespoon of paste made with that seed on a slice of bread.

Study after study has shown that calcium not only interferes with the development of adipocytes – fat cells – but also stops the absorption of fat. So when the body lacks calcium we have an abundance in tummy and love handles. Not to mention that it also has a big role on the utilization of insulin, the hormone that regulates metabolism and hunger. If this substance – the insulin – is left free in the body, the increase in adipose tissue (fat) is clear and certain.

The role of omega-3 in the weight loss is less well known. It is known, however, that one of the functions of this fatty acid is to reduce inflammatory processes. What does this have to do with lose stomach fat? It’s simple: when our body receives the unwanted visit of a microorganism, the body builds up fat as a defence mechanism.

Of course, the body needs to store energy to get rid of the unwelcomed visitor. However, if the body is well supplied with omega-3, the risk of inflammation is quite small. Therefore, it is not necessary to store fat and the chances of you lose stomach fat is higher.

You can make your own paste or you can buy it ready.


Toast 1 cup of skinless sesame seeds. Let them cool and beat in a processor until it turns into paste.

Source by Carmen Beese