Shaping Sourdough Dilemma

Shaping Sourdough Dilemma

Hi folks!

when i learned sourdough the initial technique i learned was after  the initial short fermentation , one would then shape the bread then let it sit for the final long fermentation. Then the baker would carefully ” tease” the loaf out , and bake it as is. (method 1)

Ive also seen some other methods where after the final fermentation the baker would then roll it up and shape it . (call this one method 2)


My question is , which method is better for sourdough in order to maintain its lovely air bubbles? ive always done it the first method assuming you want to maintain as many of the air bubbles created in the process but then ive seen some lovely breads from folks rolling it back up and reshaping just before baking.

Today i did it the 2nd method as i tried a new longer ferment (24 hours) and the dough fell apart as i clumsily took it out of its proofing basket. SO  i figured , why not experiment !


Thanks for your help

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