Shoud I use my raisin yeast water?

Shoud I use my raisin yeast water?

Submitted by PalwithnoovenP on September 2, 2015 – 4:38am.

I prepared the yeast water last August 22 Saturday night 10:30 pm; I used 100 g California golden raisins with no oil and 350 ml cooled boiled water; the jar is 3/4 full with the lid closed tight. I shake and open the jar twice a day at 12 hour intervals, I also put the jar in a bowl of wat. There was a storm for the next two days and was pretty cold so I assumed that fermentation will start when it is already warm. Tuesday (August 25), it was warm, the noon was hot and humid and the sun shone bright for the rest of the day; the next days were also the same so I guess it will be ready on Saturday (August 29) or Tuesday (September 1). What really bothered me is after the strong sour odor I smelled when I opened the jar last Friday (August 28) night, the smell is like laundry water left for a few days (If you do your laundry by hand and you reuse the soap water in the soaking bucket, you’ll understand). It only last for a few seconds when you first open the lid then a sweet aroma wafts in the air like sugary grapes (they’re raisins after all :P) and remains so until I close the lid, also no molds grew on it.

It was already bubbling yesterday so I strained out the raisins, added more water new raisins (because all the raisins are reduced to skins) with the lid just screwed tightly and let it ferment for another day. This morning, small bubbles are rising to the surface unlike yesterday’s large bubble that break to the surface, it is very active because i can hear the bubbles fizzing; today today, those are absent. I made a test levain this morning, it has holes everywhere which is a sign of activity but at 10 hours it just rose by half and did not double.


1) Should I ditch this yeast water and just start a new one again? I am bothered by the strong smell every time I open it and being a paranoid about botulism (Is there a risk? Oxygen enters the jar twice a day) and food poisoning, I don’t want to feed my family with potentially deadly/toxic food.

2) If not and it is fine to use for a bread, is it just a little weak and just need a little more fermentation time?

Thanks in advance