Side Sleepers: What this Position Says about You

What if the way that you sleep, either on your side, back or front, could tell you something about your personality, would you be interested in learning more? If you are like most people, it would peak your interest just a little. Nonetheless, these suggestions are just that–suggestions– and should be taken with a grain of salt.

In a sleep study, conducted with 1000 volunteers, it was determined that the majority slept on their sides, although all participants changed sleep positions throughout the night. Nonetheless, it was determined that there are four types of sleepers, which were called the yearners, log sleeper, fetal sleeper, and freestyler.

Yearners sleep on their sides with arms and hand on top of the other and out in front. Experts suggest that these people are dreamers and tend to awake, ready to face the day compared to the other sleepers.

Log position sleepers are more inflexible when they sleep. Their sleep position resembles a log with their hands straight by their sides. Experts suggest that this type of sleeper is more likely to face the day in a rigid fashion. Additionally, he or she suggests may also awake stiffer than the other sleepers and spend the majority of the day searching for ways to relax.

Fetal position sleepers curl up in a fetal position on their side. Experts state that over half the people in the study were fetal sleepers. This suggests these sleepers are worriers by day and seek comfort in their state of rest.

Freestyle sleepers do so on their stomachs with arms out to the side as if they are falling. Experts suggest these sleepers have an issue with controlling time and of all the types of sleepers may be getting the least amount of rest at night.

Regardless of which position you choose to sleep, a website devoted to helping you find the right pillow exists. You can find the perfect pillow for your sleep position even if you don’t agree completely with what experts have to say about those who are side sleepers. One thing is certain; the right pillow can make the difference between a good night’s rest and a sore neck.