Soda Carbonator – How Does it Work?

What is a soda carbonator? Soda carbonators are the latest trendy device found in gourmet kitchen stores and across the internet. It looks like a coffee maker and promises great tasting, freshly made carbonated water at the push of a button.

Each machine is composed of three main parts.

First you have the machine itself. Made in several stylish designs and colors, it blends in well with other appliances on the kitchen counter. It serves as a stand or docking bay for the other parts, which I will get to in a second.

Next there is the reusable soda bottle. They are much more heavy duty than your typical plastic bottles from the store. They are designed to last for years. They come with special caps designed to seal in the carbonation, keeping your soda fresh and fizzy.

Finally there is the carbonator canister. This is what does all the work. The machine itself does not use any electricity. All the magic is done by the pressurized CO2 canister that is concealed inside the back of the unit. Each canister is good for making about 60 liters of soda. Typical packages include one or more of these canisters. When you run out, you can exchange them at authorized dealers or order through the company website.

Making carbonated water couldn’t be easier. Simply fill up the soda bottle with water. You can use ordinary tap water, or chilled water from the fridge. Next, insert the bottle into the machine and lock it in place. Finally, push the big button on top of the machine several times to inject the carbonation. As you push the button, you can hear and see the carbonation whoosh into the water.

Finally, it is time to enjoy your homemade sparkling water. It tastes great. In my opinion, seltzer made with a soda carbonator is as good or better than the store bought brands. This is because you control everything. You decide on the water source. You determine how fizzy it gets. You also decide what to put in it. You end up with perfect seltzer and soda every time.

Source by Matthew Davin