Some Benefits Of Wide Plank Hardwood

The flooring in your home is very important for so many reasons. If you are thinking about selling your home the floor might be one of the factors that makes someone decide to purchase your home. A carpet is good flooring, but it is just too basic. There are so many better options for flooring these days, and most of them are much easier to maintain. When you spill something on a carpet, it could stain and possibly ruin it forever. Tile or hardwood floor is easier to maintain because you can easily clean up any spills right away. They are also very hard to damage.

A real hardwood floor can’t be stained by your average household materials. You would need industrial grade varnish and other chemicals to actually do anything to a real hardwood floor. One benefit of hardwood flooring is that you can pick from a variety of styles to match with your home.

One type of flooring that is very popular is wide plank pine flooring. This is a type of hardwood floor that is made from larger Southern Yellow Pine planks. It has a very pleasing look when it is installed, and it will give your home a classic feel.

If you are seriously considering having a wide plank wooden floor installed, you need to remember a few things. The first is that you need to have the floor installed by a professional. Wood floors are tricky because the material absorbs humidity very easily, and this causes the size of the planks to expand and contract. For this reason, you will need to put the planks in the intended room a few weeks before you actually install them. This will ensure they are the size they will remain while in that room, and you don’t experience any difficulties after the installation is done.

When you install the hardwood planks too early, they can expand, and it will cause your floor to pop up. A professional knows this and will take the steps to avoid these types of problems. Consider the benefits of a quality hardwood floor if you are in the market for a new type of floor in your home.