Sourdough bake 8-20-2015

Sourdough bake 8-20-2015

Submitted by rgconner on August 20, 2015 – 8:53am.

Previous attempts on sourdough have been ok, but not great.

I decide I would combine more than one process to see if I could increase the sourness and texture of my bread.

Biga overnight:

360g 50/50 starter

440g flour

365g water

per Forkish ratios

after 14hrs I had a nice biga, bubbling along nicely.

Remainder of flour, water, salt added to complete dough (75% hydration) and left for bulk ferment. 

6hrs later, good 3X rise with a decent sour note to the smell. Divide and shaped, then 4hrs refrigerated proofing.


And pretty good crumb:


I think the crumb could be more consistent, it is a little dense around the edges. I suspect it is from either too short of a time in the cold proofing, or needed more time proofing warm before going in the fridge. 


Flavor is good, much more sour than previous attempts, will have to see how the family likes it.