Sourdough Ciabatta

Sourdough Ciabatta

ok. i’ve been making ciabatta using instant yeast for some time with great success. this is my first attempt at making a sourdough version.  i order some sourdough starter culture (dried) from breadtopia and have been growing the starter for about 4 days. I looks lively and just about ready to use.  i want to check on here for my formula to see if i you guys think my dough is going to be too sour.

my regular ciabatta recipe is straight forward : 24 oz poolish 100% hydration ap flour with a pinch of SAF red yeast, overnight in fridge, take out next morning to come to room temp.  then 12 oz ap flour with 2 tsp SAF red and 2 tsp salt and ~6 oz water (75% hydration in total). mix, rest, 3x stretch and fold at 30 min intervals in plastic tub coated with olive oil. divide, shape and roll in flour to coat. tapped down and stretched then into grill top stone oven (BakerStone) for about 8 mins each at ~650F.  squirt bottle water sprays on the top and side stones before going in and again right after for steam.  comes out beautiful.

so for my sourdough version… can i just replace the entire 24 oz poolish with the sourdough starter? or is that too much?  i was also going to do it as a hybrid version, keeping the 2 tsp SAF red in the final dough.  i’m using the same ap flour for my sourdough starter.  no whole grains in this round.

the sourdough starter looks similar in consistency and ‘bubbliness’ as my regular poolish. has a good strong acid smell.

Thanks in advance.  Any comments, suggestions welcomed.


Source: Fresh Loaf