Sourdough Rye Question

Sourdough Rye Question

I have been making a “sourdough” rye for over 30 years – although I suppose technically it isn’t sourdough as I add yeast… I love the recipe – it gives me a tangy sour chewy loaf like a NY rye, but I would like to make a similar loaf using no added yeast …

This is the recipe I’ve been using : I let the starter sit in the fridge until it reaches the state when most bakers would  pour off half and feed the starter, But instead I use about a cup and a half of this unfed starter (which has a tangy sour smell) and then feed whatever remains.

When I try to make bread without adding yeast and use a starter made by equal weight rather than volume as I have been doing – and using a newly fed starter – it’s not as “tangy” or sour and the starter smells like yeast rather than the sharp smell my old starter has  …

I guess what I am asking is – how can I get the same level of sour/tangy without using added yeast?



Source: Fresh Loaf