Speaking is Not the Only Way to Communicate With Teens

Communicating with a teen can be difficult. Especially when that teen is a troubled teen. Parents become frustrated and angry, and the teen withdraws even more. It becomes a vicious circle. However, as the saying says, if you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. With something as important as a child’s well being if one tactic fails, move on to something else. Read on for some useful info about Lava Heights Academy that can help.

Sometimes there are no words

Putting feelings into words can be hard. Teens often don’t have the skills to put what they’re feeling into words. They may be acting out, yet can’t tell anyone why. Something can be going on in their lives that is so deeply hidden that they’re afraid to put it into words. This is where the Lava Heights Academy comes in. This residential treatment facility for troubled teens has programs to allow teens to communicate without words.

Art therapy

Art therapy enables teens to get out their feelings and frustrations through their art. Drawing, dance, acting, and music are all amazing ways to take what is buried inside and let it out. These programs help to break down the walls that these children have up. These programs have proven to be highly successful. Once the walls are down, the teen is on their way back to where they once were. As they work, along with their highly trained therapists, the child that parents and family members once new, begins to emerge again

Don’t be afraid to get help

Parents sometimes fear taking a strong stand with their child. They may think the child will hate them, or that others will look down on them for not being able to handle the teen. Don’t let these fears take over. The most important things is to find a way to bring the family back together. The longer that a teen is allowed to remain on a destructive path, the more danger they face.

Any family who is dealing with a troubled teen should look into getting that teen the help they need. Keep in mind that it’s often much easier to communicate without words. Let the child’s artistic side do the talking for them.