Spelt Babies

Spelt Babies

Hello everyone

Thought I would share my success with 100% whole spelt. After so many failures, finally one that feels right. This one is around the 85% hydration mark. Put in tins, (maybe its better I don’t fuss around with freeform with this much hydration)

600g Wholemeal spelt

540g water

95g starter (70%)

12g salt

Autolyse flour and 495g water – 2hrs 70F

Add salt and remaining water and leave for 30 min

Do 6  S & F ‘s every 45 min or so until dough comes together. This time I gave up Slap and folds all together. (Am rethinking my kneading issues)

Baked in dutch oven with lid for 30 min @190c . (Preheated oven to 250c just turned down as soon as went in) last 20 min without lid at 150C

Source: Fresh Loaf