Spiral Mixer

Spiral Mixer

Submitted by vman on August 16, 2015 – 9:08pm.

Hi there

I have a spiral mixer (10kg dough capacity) – one speed.

A general question ; Can a spiral (with one speed) develop gluten adequately for dough that has a high % of water (say 80% hydration).

Is there a general technique that I should be adopting when developing gluten in the spiral – i.e. say hold back some of the water and slowly incorporate?

Is there a ‘general indication of how long I should mix in he spiral for high hydration or any dough?

Can good quality dough of an open crumb quality be solely prepared in a spiral mixer (one speed)?

I recently;y bough a spiral (one speed) soley for bread making but wondering whether I should have bought a planetary ?

Any advise or links would be appreciated.



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