split cycle bread

split cycle bread

Submitted by Tommy gram on July 4, 2015 – 3:09pm.

I Had a dilemma about what to do with an approx 400 gram dough ball which was part of a batch 5 or six days old. The dough had served well -as usual-and was getting on the sour side. No problem except that its too small amount to warm up the oven. I have this situation when I interrupt the second half of my two loaf weekly cycle and make pizza. Three pizzas leave me that extra lump from what would have gone in as a loaf.

So I tried something. I mixed this 400g with the first half of my new cycle. I rolled it into the nearly fully proofed fresh dough ball before the fresh loaf final shape/rise of I thnk it was an hour and half before it went into the oven via fully heated Dutch oven. 

Some old dough and some new dough gave me end result a dense loaf, very nice. I’m very happy with the result.


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