Sprouted Emmer with Maple and Beer – Tartine 3

Sprouted Emmer with Maple and Beer – Tartine 3

380g of emmer became about 510g sprouted emmer over 20 or so hours. Robertson says 2-4 days but it always happens overnight for me.

I hate to waste flour, so I refresh my starter 12g/25ml/25g ww/bf about 4 times before making the sponge, rather than Robertson’s 75/150.

Komo action!  Coarse then fine. 600g emmer and 700g ww to mix with 700 KA bf. Picked up the grains from Castle Valley Mills in Doylestown, PA.


I bumped it up to 91% hydration from 87% and gave it a 2 hour autolyse cause Emmer is a hard wheat.  When I make a double batch I like adding more water cause it makes mixing it easier. It made stretch and folds a bit harder though.

Stretch and folds were a bit more difficult with all that extra water. I think I should’ve used two hands.  I left it in my mixing bowl until after I added the sprouts so as to have more surface area.

Awww yeah!

Nice and fluffy after 7 stretch and folds and 3.5 hours.

Preshaping for the bench rest went well, even with the extra water.

Boules were sticker than usual (maybe the maple syrup) but they came together fine.

Night night!  Fortunately the fridge is empty cause 4 bowls take up a lot of room.

Double bake. I use parchment paper and coarse cornmeal to avoid a burned bottom and burned arms.

Cooling loaves. They were at 210F after 50 minutes – usually it takes 55. Maybe having the extra pot in there keeps it hotter or something so they bake faster. They spread a bit more than I’d hoped – I think maybe the dough was ready after 6 stretch and folds but I was putting the kids to bed so I gave it an extra one. Just a theory.

The best bread I’ve ever eaten!  But there’s always room for improvement.




Source: Fresh Loaf