Starter acts healthy, but smells vinegar-y

Starter acts healthy, but smells vinegar-y

This is sort of a non-problem, because even after my starter started smelling like vinegar, I’ve fed it and used it and made delicious bread with a nice texture. The reason I’m concerned is, it didn’t smell like vinegar before, and its not going away even after a few feedings. It’s bubbling up nicely, but smells vinegary.

It started when I accidentally underfed it over a week ago. (Maybe two weeks now… I should be better at keeping track.)

After a few feedings it looks and acts like it did before, but the smell remains.

I’m thinking that this could be because I never pour off the hooch (I rarely give the hooch much of a chance to gather on top anyway), but that doesn’t explain why it didn’t smell before and it does now.

Should I be concerned?

Source: Fresh Loaf