Starter "Issue"…or not?

Starter "Issue"…or not?

So I’ve been using the same starter for years now. I keep it in the fridge, and feed it 2-3 times a day a few days before I need it (e.g. take it out of fridge Thursday for a weekend bake).

Lately I feel like my starter has been “weak”…like, I’ll do a float test to ensure it’s ready, mix it with the bread, and come home 8 hours the “old days”, it would have at least doubled in size, or even expanded out of the container, but it barely moved.

So I left it for another overnight…so now it’s been 24 hours…and boom it’s perfectly risen and ready for proofing in the bread baskets.

Is it the temperature of my house? Was the yeast not active enough? I find the starter is practically everything when it comes to sourdough.



Source: Fresh Loaf