starter maintenance

starter maintenance

As many people there are who bake with sourdough there are methods of starter maintenance. There are some who feed their starter and take off to use as a levain. This way is ok when baking often. And there are those who take some starter off a do preferments. Better option for those who bake less often. 

Some take a little to do preferments and replace however much they took off straight away then put back in the fridge. My question is on this method of mother starter maintenance.

If you only keep a few teaspoons at any one time and replace as you go along then each time there’s a good ratio of fresh flour = a good feed and strong starter. Should one keep a small jar full and take a few teaspoons off and replenish those few teaspoons as you go along then there will be a large proportion of spent starter with little fresh flour resulting in a poor feed and sluggish starter. 

Would storing in the fridge, taking a little off each time and only feeding when running low not be a better way of maintaining the mother starter. Every feed is a larger proportion of fresh to spent flour resulting in a healthier stronger starter?

Source: Fresh Loaf