Starting slowly, what oven/mixer?

Starting slowly, what oven/mixer?

Here’s the scoop.

I live where there is no good bread.  Truly, no good bread.  I’ve been baking bread and selling it to coworkers and daily I get comments like “this is the best bread in the county.”  Granted, the competition is virtually none, so that’s not saying much.  But, what it does say is there’s a market for good bread.  Lots of funky restaurants, tourists, foodies and locals.

So, my husband and I are thinking about starting a small-scale bread bakery.  But, I’m terrified.  Here’s where my question comes in:

I’d like to start small.  Not as small as me and my off-brand home oven and kitchen aide mixer.  But not so big that I’m sinking $15,000 into an oven.  If I can start “small”, maybe baking 100 loaves a week, selling at the farmer’s market and CSA-style to locals and it goes well, investing in major equipment and converting our garage into a commercial kitchen will seem like less of a stretch. 

SO, what are your suggestions for an oven and a mixer, given my present goal? 

Thanks in advance.  The Fresh Loaf is such an inspiring, helpful community of like-minded folks. 

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