Steel cut oat and ancient grain bread.

Steel cut oat and ancient grain bread.

Was doing weekly grocery shopping and noticed some steel cut oats at a very reasonable price and since I was deciding what bread to make this weekend it was a natural.

150g steelcut oats

75g quinoa

200g milk

230g water

20g agave nectar

300g fresh ground white wheat flour 95% extraction

80g fresh ground spelt flour 95% extraction

20g amaranth

100g 100% hydration starter fed and active

10g salt

additional water

Cook the oats and quinoa in the milk and water until most liquid is absorbed and the grains are softened add the agave nectar and cool to room temp.

Add everything but the salt together and mix until incorporated adding enough water to hydrate I’m guessing about 30 or 40g. Make into ball and make a shallow well in which to put the salt and enough water to start dissolving it. Let the dough sit for 20 min. Fold the dough over the salt and use pinches and folds to distribute.  Add water until the consistency feels like about a 75% hydration. Form ball cover and let rest for 20 min. Do a S&F. Cover and place in a cool place 50-60F for 12 hours. It will swell but not double.

Place on oiled counter and cover with oiled plastic wrap until warmed to room temp. Form a boule and put in banneton coated with a combination of rice flour and  wheat bran seem side up. Cover and let proof 2 hours until passes finger poke test. Meanwhile heat a DO to 500 F and coat a peel with flour. Flip the boule onto the peel score, put into the DO and put covered in the oven turning it down to 450 F. Bake 20 min remove the lid and turn down to 425. Bake another 20 min until the center is 195-200F place on cooling rack and let sit about an hour before cutting.

 The bread turned out tasty and moist in the center. When I do it again a longer proof will be done to make a better crumb.


Source: Fresh Loaf