strarting from the fridge

strarting from the fridge

Submitted by bread1965 on July 17, 2015 – 1:16pm.

Hi Everyone..

Following the rule of 15 I pulled out my three week starter (one week now in the fridge with 100% hydration using white flour only) and took 24 grams out of the jar – a beautiful thick goopy starter. I added 24 grams flour and 24 water. The second feeding was around 2pm – four hours later – added 48 of each flour and water. Can see activity, bubbles, etc. Nothing over the top, but it’s slowly active. I’m now two hours after the second feeding and I don’t think there’s much “doubling”.

My question is, before the third feeding in about 2 more hours – does it really need to double or is it being active enough? I’m working towards a final levain quantity of 360 grams for two loaves that I’ll ultimately shape and leave in the fridge overnight..

Thoughts? Many thanks!