Success Maker – Help Others To Be Greater Than You

If you want success you will need to have a success maker to get it. You may have the initial idea that makes your success possible, but no matter what your idea you'll need others to reach success yourself. You can not become greater and more successful if you're looking to build your foundation for success on those who have less skills and knowledge than you.

Being a success maker means you are not afraid to reach out to those who are greater than. As you continue on your journey toward success you'll need to find those who are more knowledgeable than you in certain areas. Yes, you could become an expert in every area you'll need to reach your success; but that is a slow and inefficient way to get there. You'll attain success much faster and with far less bumps along the way if you get people who are experts in the areas you need to either do some of the work for you, or to act as your guide helping you to avoid the pitfalls you do not even know are there.

Success makers are comfortable in their own skin and are not afraid to help others to become even greater. As you reach out to experts to get their help and guidance do not be afraid to help them to become even greater than the experience of having worked with you. This is the point where your confidence is really escalating, and you have the opportunity to become a force driving yourself and those around you to success. Please note, I used the word confidence not arrogance. Arrogance can kill your forward progress, and set you up for a very hard and painful fall because when your thoughts become clouded with arrogance your good judgment gets lost.

Success makers realize it's never just about you. Anytime it's just about you, you're ready to fail. Allow the greatness of those around you to help you to go farther faster. This may mean allowing those who've helped you to greatness to move in another direction where they can achieve their own greatness. When it's time for one of your experts to move on wish them well, and continue to provide the support they may now need from you. You can be gracious and supportive because you have confidence that you can continue your progress and find another expert to take you even further.

Success makers understand that they can not ever achieve success alone. Your success depends on your ability to provide others with more value than you take. Your success depends on your ability to find others greater than you to help you get to success faster. Your success depends on your ability to help others become greater and more valuable than they were when you first met.

Source by Cheryl Clausen